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Summary of our Aerial Services

Aerial Surveys & Inspections - Why go to the trouble of ladders and scaffolding? Sending up a drone to take detailed 4k footage is a much safer, cheaper and faster alternative. Whether it's inspecting roofing, cladding, chimneys, solar panels, electricity pylons, the Mavic 2 Zoom with its 24-48 mm optical zoom camera allows us to capture close up footage from a safe distance.

Property Video & Photography - Providing you with pictures and videos of your property from multiple heights and angles. Whether to assist in the sale of your property or in order to create large photographic prints, e.g. canvas frames.

Events - Weddings, corporate events, team building days, charity events and more, capture these special moments from the air.

Promotional Footage - Capturing video and photographic footage for promotional purposes such as websites, brochures, posters, leaflets, social media etc.

Planning, Mapping & Progress Monitoring - Aimed at landscapers/gardeners, construction, land and property developers. Capturing aerial footage of projects throughout a period of operations to monitor clear and detailed footage of progress. Footage can be taken from multiple heights and angles in order to produce a record of progress.

Education - Helping schools and colleges obtain a diverse perspective to support educational studies from an aerial point of view.


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