Aquatic Services

Summary of our Aquatic Services

Inspections & Surveys - Using aquatic drones to capture detailed ultra-high definition (4K) images and video footage for inspections. This is an efficient and affordable alternative to engaging the services of a professional diver/photographer or placing the vessel in dry dock. Perfect for vessel inspections/footage for surveying (of all types and sizes), marinas, piers, aquaculture (equipment, nets, cages) and fishery management.

Sub-Aquatic Topography - Providing commercial and private fisheries with accurate underwater information in a digital and visualized manner via the use of on-board sonar technology.

Search & Rescue - Search and rescue operations can be carried out with both aerial and aquatic drones however, if it is something lost under water, an aquatic drone can assist with this through underwater 1080p live streaming and sonar scanning abilities.

Conservation and Research - Animal/Environmental conservation and research may see having the use of both air and aquatic drone technology as a vital tool in tracking and mapping.

Education - Helping schools and colleges obtain a diverse perspective to support educational studies on or beneath the water surface. This can offer you an alternative perspective in support of your studies.


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