Legal and Health & Safety

Legal Requirements and Health and Safety Limitations

If you are considering engaging a commercial drone operator, we strongly recommend that you ensure that the remote pilot is authorised by the Civil Aviation Authority. Only CAA authorised persons are, by law, allowed to engage in providing commercial drone services.

Specific rules require:

  • CAA authorised remote pilots are required to have public liability of at least £750,000 to comply with regulation EC 785/2004
  • Aerial drones must be flown at least 50m away from any persons not under our control
  • The drone must not be flown within 50m of any built up area or within 150m of a gathering or event of more than 1000 people
  • The drone must be flown no more than 400ft from the ground and 500m horizontally away from pilot
  • The remote pilot must maintain visual line of site at all times
  • There must be a minimum of 30m take off/landing point in which no-one but the drone operator and people under his/her control are allowed inside

We will ensure that the drone is flown in a safe and compliant way with all the necessary CAA permissions but there are some important considerations to address when planning to undertake any aerial videography/photography. These include:

  • The height the drone flies
  • Increased risks such as obstacles
  • Proximity to airfields/human activity
  • Adverse weather conditions

Expected or sudden poor weather conditions such as high winds or rain will result in suspending flight operations until suitable conditions. For further information about this, please see FAQs.


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