Our Price Promise

As a new start-up company, we are ideally placed to compete on price with other more established drone operators and will consider all requests for our services, however small.

If we believe a job is outside of our skill, experience or capability of our equipment, we will try to introduce you to a business that can meet your requirements.

We will consider your requirements and will provide you with an affordable package. For your assurance, we will confirm the detailed quotation by email.

Our pricing criteria will be influenced by:

  • The nature of your requirements and your expectations
  • The location of the shoot
  • The simplicity/complexity
  • The equipment used
  • The duration of the job
  • The amount of photo/video editing required
  • The media in which the photo/video footage are provided

Our aim is to provide you with a tailored solution that results in you receiving a quality service and product at a price that you are satisfied with.


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