The Process

From initial contact to footage capture

The Process

We offer a free consultation to discuss the service required, the location, the proposed date and your requirements for the video footage/photography.

Once the required information has been obtained, we will carry out a pre-site survey and will aim to provide you with a quote within 24 hours.

If you are satisfied with the quote, a reasonable deposit will be taken to secure the appointment and an operation plan will be produced. The operation plan will identify your requirements and document a flight/dive plan and an estimated duration of the job.


We will check the weather forecast closely 48 hours prior to aerial operations. If poor conditions such as rain and/or high winds (greater than 24 mph) are forecast, operations may have to be suspended until there are suitable flying conditions. Please note, aquatic operations are limited by thunder, lightning and freezing conditions.

On the day

On the day of the operation, an onsite survey will be carried out followed by a risk assessment. For an aerial operation, if any personnel choose to be present onsite during the flight operation, they will be fully briefed on the operation plan and safety procedures. Once completed, a de-brief will also be issued.


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